Why every pool professional needs the eXact® Micro 10

The FAS-DPD drop test has been a favorite test for pool service pros for years. The FAS-DPD drop test is used to measure levels of Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, and Bromine (total) in Pool and Spa water. This test was adopted by in the industry because it would detect 10 PPM and higher and its accepted by Health Departments. The FAS-DPD drop test also does not require the user to distinguish between shades of pink. These benefits drove an almost universal adoption of the FAS-DPD test.

Unfortunately there are many short comings of the FAS-DPD drop test kits:

  1. The titration for 10 PPM chlorine required a lot of drops to be counted ( 50 to be exact for 10 PPM) and stirred
  2. Math was required to determine the chlorine (or bromine) concentration.
  3. Sensitivity was no better then 0.2 or 0.5 PPM for chlorine and for bromine it dropped to 0.5 or 1.25 PPM.
  4. The drop test was especially deficient since the lowest level of Combined Chlorine you can detect was 0.2 PPM and this was the Health Department’s official regulation at which point pools should be shut down for shocking. (maybe that is why public pools in general are kept at a chlorine level of 4 PPM and higher-to keep shock issues at a minimum)
  5. FAS liquid reagents often were unreliable due to short shelf life and sensitivity to summer heat and the DPD powder or liquid reagents were also problematic.
  6. Additions of powder DPD are cumbersome with the small cup.
  7. Visual color matching varied results with different light sources.

No more shortcomings with the quick and patented EZ-3™ procedure in the eXact® Micro 10 for Free Chlorine and Combined Chlorine.

  1. The drop counting is replaced with the 20 second back and forth dipping of the DPD strip
  2. No math and the meter stores the values in memory automatically
  3. Sensitivity is 0.01 for Free Chlorine and Combined Chlorine and the meter range is 11.0 PPM
  4. Meets all Health Department requirements for testing
  5. Reagents are precisely measured and impregnated on a test strip pad
  6. Stabile reagents even when exposed to summer heat
  7. Simple EZ-3™ step procedureLearn more about the preferred choice for pool professionals – The eXact Micro 10 Advanced Photometer.


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