Is the Water Safe In Public Schools?


Is the water safe in public schools? The water crisis in Michigan has drawn national attention to water quality and safety. Many public school districts still question their water purity. Experts say that schools nationwide have issues with lead contamination.

According to The New York Times, federal regulations on water safety apply on narrow issues. Regulations apply only to suppliers of water in case of regulating drinking water. When it comes to lead, it is difficult to assign responsibility. School districts, state city regulators, and the federal E.P.A. have all failed at every level. Michael Wines, Patrick McGeehan and John Schwartz, who cover water safety for The New York Times, reflect on their reporting. For more on the conversation – click here

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Water Woes in China

ChineseCoalPower_optA new report blames coal plants for China’s water shortage

In China, coal-fired power plants consume 7.4 billion cubic meters of water each year, enough to meet the basic needs of about 30 percent of the nation’s population. The growth of the coal-to-chemicals industry has exacerbated its water crisis. In much of northern China, people are using water faster than it will be regenerated. [Read more]

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Good Water Quality = Good Beer!

BeerPour_SMA Virginia brewery is making an effort to make residents aware of a stream that needs a cleanup. Good water quality is essential to any brewery and that is why the owners of Brothers Craft Brewing are getting the word out about the bad water quality of a local stream used to draw water for craft beer. [Story]

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ITS Q1 2016 Tradeshow schedule

We’ll be exhibiting at the following 2016 tradeshows. Stop by and visit for demonstrations on our unique line of water quality testing products and learn why we are the innovators of water quality testing.

ITS Tradeshow team

Pool and Spa tradeshows:

Water Quality tradeshows:

  • PITTCON 2016   –  Atlanta, GA Mar. 7-10 Booth #838
  • WQA Aquatech USA  – Nashville, TN March 15-16, 2013 Booth #829
  • Beer X  – Sheffield, UK March 16-18 exhibiting as ITS Europe, LTD Stand #113
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America’s lead poisoning problem isn’t just in Flint. It’s everywhere.

Flint, Mich., has so much toxic lead in children’s blood that a state of emergency is declared. This is an extreme case, but the problem of lead exposure among children is not a local Flint story. If you look at public health data, you begin to realize two things. The first is that it’s actually really hard to get good data on which kids do and don’t experience lead exposure, and which parents should worry about the issue. [VOX]

If you are concerned that metals are present in your water, check out our patented Sensafe® Water Metals Check test strips. SenSafe® Water Metals Check for water quality testing is a simple test strip that detects a wide range of metals and gives an accurate assessment of your water’s overall metal content.
Detection levels: <10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 400, and 1000 ppb (µg/L).

Detects: Cadmium, Cobalt, Cupric Copper, Ferrous Iron, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Zinc and other metals with a +2 state valence shell.

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The Right Way to Prepare for a Winter Storm

Know-your-winter-storm-weather-lingoThe eastern majority of the United States is preparing for an epic winter storm. While stocking up on bread and milk, be proactive and use these helpful tips before the storm. [Lifehacker]

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BeerSmith Water Quality Testing

Our technical genius, Christian, did a podcast with BeerSmith guru Dr. Brad Smith discussing proper brewing water quality and why it makes a difference brewing craft beer. With the introduction of home test kits and field pH meters, brewers can control water quality and the beer brewing process.

Download the MP3 File – The mp3 file is also available. Right click the link and Save As to download.

If you want to learn from one of the best craft brewers, we recommend you follow Beersmith on Twitter, like their Facebook page and watch additional podcast videos on YouTube.

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