Rain, Rain, went away but the flood is here to stay

SCfloodingThe states of North and South Carolina experienced a rare event that brought flash floods and historic rain fall totals. 11 TRILLION gallons of water fell from the sky, enough water to end the severe drought in California. This historic rainfall qualifies as a 1,000-year rain event, meaning in a given year there is a 1 in 1,000 chance of observing rainfall totals of this magnitude.

Please consider volunteering or donating:

United Way of the Midlands
American Red Cross
Harvest Hope Food Bank
Salvation Army

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Water Quality Testing Tips

Water Quality Testing vialPrivate water (ground water) sources aren’t regulated and approved for safe and clean drinking water the way public sources are tested . It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be tested regularly and adequately. George Bailey, our VP of Sales and Marketing, spoke to the largest publication serving the well drilling industry – National Driller magazine. He explained the importance of water quality testing and what problems drillers should identify and where they can get direction and education regarding common water contaminants.

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California dreaming … for water

A picture is worth a thousand words. The state of California is currently under a severe drought. These pictures of the depleted water in the state should remind everyone that water is our most important resource and conservation is needed by everyone.

In other news, farmers are discussing the idea of water quality, credits, and their fields. Like carbon trading farmers would sell credits for producing cleaner water from their farmland. A utility could buy these credits to meet federal regulations. Nitrogen and phosphorous runoff from fields have polluted many waterways.

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MACNA Presentation



Our talented Technical Product Manager, Christian Krzykwa, presented at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) show. His presentation focused on the various parameters common in marine water, testing equipment, and new technology.

Download his presentation

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Happy Smart Brew Winner!

SmartBrewWinnerWe supported Florida’s CASK’s First Coast Cup Homebrew Competition and gave away a Smart Brew Water Testing Kit. The “Smart Brew Kit” was well received by the attendees with many drooling over its “Smart” advanced capabilities and what it could do to improve their home brewing experience. Our winner, Dave (one of the many home brewers and a regional brew judge ) shares his gratitude.

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Testing the Koi Waters


andrewOur Assistant Sales Manager, Andrew Roberts, wrote an informative article in this month’s Pond Trade magazine detailing the importance of water testing and starting your pond from scratch.

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The EPA still confusioned in response to Colorado mining spill it caused.

OrangeRiverCommunities in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona are struggling to understand the mixed messages and a lack of communication from the federal agency.

Six days after a burst plug shot 3m gallons of toxic mining waste from Gold King Mine into Colorado’s Animas River turning the river Orange. Residents in nearby communities are frustrated with the EPA’s lack of communication about the possible environmental and health impacts of the spill.

A toxic mixture of mercury, arsenic and lead that continues to flow from the old mine is expected to keep communities from accessing water until at least 17 August, when the EPA says it hopes to have more information about what exactly is in the water.

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